Energy Efficient Pool Pumps And Manufacturers Guidelines

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Circulating water within a pool aids with mixing chemicals and removing debris. Some pool owners rely on non-efficient pool pump models that run on a regular basis. If you are a new pool owner and reside within a region where swimming is conducted year-round, owning an enegy efficient pool pump will reduce operational costs.

Smaller Models

The size and design of your pool and whether or not you use solar energy features to heat up the water in the pool will determine the ideal pump size that you will need. Bulky pumps use a lot of HP to circulate water within a pool. These types of pumps may use a hydraulic or electric motor to operate. Often, a pool owner may think that they need to operate a pump nonstop, especially if a pool is going to be utilized on a daily basis.

A pump manufacturer may outline a requirement plan. This plan may specify that a pump will only need to be used at peak times when a pool is going to be occupied by multiple people. In addition, a manufacturer may list HP ratings, cycling details, and other figures that relate to a particular pump model. Using this information will help you decide the proper size pump that you will need for your pool.


The hydraulic flow rate within a swimming pool defines how much liquid passes through an area within a specific timeframe. Reducing the hydraulic flow rate will require you to use a pump less often. A manufacturer will provide you with details about the inlet hoses and piping that will be needed to install a particular pump model. Increasing the width of a hose or pipe opening and shortening the length of hose or pump materials will aid with reducing hydraulic resistance that could impede water flow.

The pump and the plumbing essentials that need to be installed should be handled by a pool professional or a plumber who has experience operating, installing, and servicing energy efficient pump models. A pump that contains an automatic shutoff feature or a timer will allow you to maintain consistency when using a pump.

Anytime that you will be away from your home, you will benefit by owning a pump that contains these specialized features. A pump manufacturer may list replacement materials that will keep your new energy effiicent pump in operable order. Purchase materials directly from the manufacturer and have them shipped to your home. 

For more information, contact a local energy efficient pool pump manufacturer.