Useful Tips for MIG Commercial Welding

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One of the more common welding types used in the commercial sector is MIG (metal inert gas) welding. It's unique because it can support a lot of different materials and produce welds at fast speeds. If you want to enhance your MIG welding skills as a commercial fabricator, look over these tips.

Assess Thickness of Material

Regardless of what you're using a MIG welder on, you need to thoroughly look at the thickness. That's going to help you decide what type of wire size to use. This is a factor you want to ensure is correct so that your welds using a MIG welder turn out great.

If you end up needing to weld pretty thick pieces of metal like steel, then you need a thicker diameter of the wire. Whereas you can go with a smaller diameter for thinner materials like sheet metal and aluminum.

Go Through Recommended Protocols for Different Materials

You'll probably weld a lot of different materials with a MIG welder. So that you do the right things with each material, you want to go through recommend MIG welding protocols for each material. You may have to be around a certain environment for a specific metal or have to adjust your MIG welder a certain way.

Knowing these best practices will prevent you from setting up the wrong welding environment and performing the wrong welding actions. Rather, your welding activities will be really dialed in and give you desirable welding results to look forward to. 

Make Sure Shielding Gas Is Working Correctly

There are going to be some welding situations with a MIG welder where you have to really watch out for contamination. That's the purpose of shielding gas. It helps protect the welds from contamination around certain environments.

If you're welding around these areas, you want to make sure your shielding gas is working like it's supposed to. Inspect the gas tank and make sure it's delivering the right gas mixture to help you weld flawlessly. If you notice signs of trouble, have the MIG welder serviced by a technician.

You can get a lot of things out of a MIG welder, such as welding thick materials together and completing a lot of welding projects quickly in a refined way. If you really learn this welding machine and the techniques that can give you the best success, you should have better welding experiences. Contact commercial fabrication services to learn more.