Five Everyday Uses For Custom Half Slotted Packaging Boxes

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Boxes are something many people at least once every other day, if not every day. Maybe you use cardboard boxes at work. Maybe you use cardboard boxes at home. There might be cardboard boxes everywhere you turn, and custom half slotted packaging boxes are no exception. In fact, you might be more likely to find and use this type of box than a full slotted box. That is because the half slotted box allows you to leave a lid off of this box and see at a glance what is inside it. Here are five everyday uses for this very type of box to prove that you use such a box almost daily.

Copier Paper Boxes

Copier paper boxes are typically half slotted boxes. Their flaps seal without overlap on the bottom, but their tops are flapless. Instead, copier paper boxes have trayed lids that can fit over the tops of the boxes. This allows you to take out a ream of copier paper whenever you need it, and leave the rest of the paper in the box.

Banker's Boxes

Banker's boxes are almost the exact same thing as copier paper boxes. Their only differences are that they tend to be more plain, slightly flatter and a bit wider than a copier paper box. They are used for moving and storing files or objects.

Fruit Crates

Some fruit arrives at a store in crates. The rest arrives in half slotted packaging boxes, and the produce manager looks over the fruit to make sure it is in good condition before it is moved into the cooler or out onto the floor. As you grocery shop, look for these boxes, which might be sitting on the floor holding more bunches of bananas, or hidden from view with an overstock of citrus fruit.

Moving Boxes

If you are trying to pack up and move, the moving company may offer bundles of boxes for you to use. Many of these boxes are often half slotted boxes, since they are relatively easy to pick up, move, maneuver in tight spaces, and you can readily see what you placed inside so that you can label the boxes clearly. If you do not want to buy the boxes from the moving company, there are several other businesses (e.g., like the ones listed above) where you should be able to find the boxes. If nothing else, you can buy the same boxes from an office supply store for less than what the moving companies typically charge.

Recyclable Waste Containers

In an attempt to "go green," some companies have created half slotted boxes that are tall and shaped like rectangular trash cans. Since these trash cans are less of a threat to the ecosystem, and you can use the trayed lids to cap the "baskets" to stop odors from escaping, they are very popular with the eco-conscious groups. Better still, they are a prime example of how half slotted boxes may be customized for a common everyday use. Finally, do not forget that because these are cardboard, they are totally recyclable and completely biodegradable. 

What Is Your Box Need? 

As you can see from the previous examples, these boxes do a lot of menial work. Maybe you could use some boxes with similar properties, but you need them to be a little taller, a little wider, and a little fatter. It does not matter how you want it customized when the company that makes these boxes is willing to make them to your specifications. Consider the above examples, and then get in touch with the box manufacturer, like Packsize Now, LLC, to get things started.