Garage Cleaning Tips That Can Make The Process Go Faster

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Summer is coming to an end, and before you know it, fall will be here. While most people equate cleaning to spring, fall is a great time to clean out your garage. You likely have items that you dragged out to enjoy during the summer months that have not been stored properly and you want to make way for your car before cold or wet winter weather hits. Here are a few tips to help you make the process a bit easier and faster for you. 

Pull Everything Out of Your Garage 

Before you even start to clean or declutter your garage, take the time to remove everything from the space. This includes boxes, totes, and tools. Trying to work around boxes and clutter can be a hassle. It may make the process take longer and does not allow to accurately gauge all of the items you have or to properly clean the surfaces of the garage. Pull everything into your house or driveway and then start the cleaning and decluttering process. 

Clean From the Top of the Garage Down

Once your garage is empty, you can start physically cleaning the space. This includes removing cobwebs in corners, wiping down the walls and sweeping the floors. As you do this, start at the top and work your way down. Many people start at the bottom and work their way up. However, if you sweep and clean the concrete pad, and then remove dirt and dust from the walls, that dirt and dust will simply fall on your clean floor, causing you to have to clean it again. Cleaning from the top to the bottom is the efficient way to clean a garage. 

Rent a Dumpster

After cleaning your garage, you will need to let the walls, fixtures, and floor air dry. This gives you time to go through the boxes of items that are now stored in your driveway or on your lawn. If you have a lot of clutter that you do not use or need, consider renting a dumpster, like those found at This prevents you from having to make multiple trips to the dump, which can be time-consuming. The dumper is delivered to your home, you fill it up and they haul it away. 

Group Like Items Together

The last way to save some time is to group your like items together when placing them back in the garage. For example, store Christmas items together, Halloween decorations together and camping gear in the same area. This may not be the fastest route to go when cleaning and organizing, but you will appreciate the time savings when Christmas rolls around and you are not digging in multiple places in your garage to find all of your decor. 

Cleaning out your garage may be an all day project, depending on the amount of clutter you have in there. However, it will feel good to get the garage cleaned and organized. Following these tips can help streamline the process just a bit and make it faster and easier on you.