How To Build Your Own Guest House

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Have you realized that your house just won't accommodate extra people when they come for overnight stays or for extended visits? Perhaps you have enough space in your home, but you simply want your own privacy. For whatever reason that you're building a guest house on your property, you sure are lucky that you have the expertise to do the work yourself.  From designing the style of the house to obtaining used machinery online here are some ideas that might help you to create something special:

Make A Detailed Plan - Of course, if you're married, you'll probably want to involve your spouse in the design of your guest house. Together, ask yourselves some important questions:

  • Will the guest house simply be a place to sleep or will it have a living area as part of the design? 
  • Is there room to build a guest house that can also have a kitchenette in it?
  • Obviously, you'll want to include a bathroom. Will it have both a shower and a bathtub, or only one of those?
  • When your guest house doesn't have guests in it, how else can it be used? For example, if you are an artist, you could create your own studio as part of the guest house.
  • How do you want to decorate it? Do you want an old-fashioned look to your guest house, a patio mood, or a contemporary feeling in the guest house?
  • How much do you want to spend on the building of the guest house and when do you want it completed? 

Do The Actual Work - Here's where your expertise comes in:

  • Unless you already have big equipment, you'll first need to secure machinery that you'll need. For example, you may need a tractor to clear the land where the guest house will be built.
  • Will there be a separate driveway to the guesthouse? If so, you'll need an asphalt paver to do the job.
  • You'll need large concrete mixers and tools for cutting wood for walls and cabinetry.
  • Think about purchasing used machinery online. You'll save a lot of money by doing that.
  • The great thing about machinery is that you can turn around and sell it online when you're finished with it.
  • When the job is finished, you can turn around and sell it yourself. Save all receipts in case you want to refer to the original cost of the machinery when you re-sell it.

Think about asking friends to help you as you work on your project. In turn, they might ask for your help when they need it. Contact a company like Hardy Machinery for more information and assistance.