3 Signs Your Employees Could Be at Risk of Injury When Using Your Pallet Jack

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If you use a pallet jack within your place of business, you probably want to make sure that your employees are able to use it safely. A pallet jack can be a very handy piece of equipment, and it often isn't really thought of as being too dangerous. However, injuries can occur if your employees aren't careful. These are a few signs that they could be at risk of being injured while using your company's pallet jack.

1. They Aren't Wearing the Right Shoes

Even though not all employers require it, it really is a good idea to ask your employees to wear protective shoes with steel toes when using your pallet jack. They could accidentally run over their own foot or someone else's while using the pallet jack, which could cause serious injury to the foot. If they are wearing steel toed shoes or boots, however, there will be less of a chance that they will actually be badly injured if this does happen.

2. The Pallet Jack Isn't Inspected Regularly

When compared to some of the other equipment within your place of business, a pallet jack might seem like a relatively simple piece of equipment to use. However, it is still important to check it over regularly to ensure that the wheels are working properly, the base is sturdy and that the pallet jack is otherwise in good condition.

Make it a point to either inspect the pallet jack often yourself or to add it to the duties that your employees do at the beginning of each shift. Then, you can help ensure that the pallet jack is safe to use. Plus, this will help you catch any problems with the pallet jack so that you can repair it if needed, before the damage might get worse.

3. It Isn't Being Loaded Properly

It is important to ensure that your employees know how to load your pallet jack properly. They should be instructed in the proper use of the pallet jack, should be taught about proper loading and should be mindful of the weight limit. This can help ensure that the pallet jack does not fail and that items do not fall off and potentially cause an accident or injury.

As you can see, in some scenarios, employees can actually be at risk of being injured while using a pallet jack. By making a few changes, however, you can help prevent this from happening. To learn more about your options, contact pallet jack services like Garland's, Inc.