Restoring Your WWII Sherman Tank? Parts You May Need

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Sherman tanks were a force to be reckoned with. During WWII, they were the preferred military vehicle of the United States Army and ground troops. Nothing could get through a Sherman tank. If you recently bought a Sherman tank and want to restore it, you are going to need a "few" parts.

AN Designated Fasteners

Military fasteners are military grade parts that are certified for use in military vehicles. To that purpose, you will need nuts, bolts, and screws with the prefix "AN" for "Army-Navy." These fasteners are ideal for your Sherman tank because they are made to withstand blasts from ground assaults. While you may not take your Sherman tank into battle, it is good to know that the military fasteners you buy could.


The plates on a Sherman tank are riveted to the frame. If you need to restore or repair a panel on the tank, you cannot effectively do so without AN rivets. If you do not know how to rivet, you may have to buy the rivets and then hire a welder to help you with your restoration efforts. Additionally, extra tank tracks were often welded to the front the tank, and riveted in place for added protection. If you want to add this detail toward the end of your restoration, you will need some really strong and very long AN rivets for the job.

Hydraulic System Bleeder Valves

To pivot the firing head of the tank and lift and lower the missile gun, you need to get the hydraulics into proper working order. Hydraulic system bleeder valves may help, if you can find something the correct size and length. Place your order over the phone so that you can give the dimensions of the bleeder valve to the phone rep and get the correct ones.


Sherman tanks were built to roll through shallow waters and remain water-tight. The military gaskets used had a lot to do with that. When restoring your Sherman tank, take note of all the gaskets you see inside the tank. Measure them for accuracy, then order new ones as all of the ones currently in the tank will be too old to function as they should. There are several sizes available through a military fasteners seller, but only certain sizes will work inside your tank. If there are additional fasteners that help keep the gaskets in place, be sure to order those at the same time, or your project will stall out until you get them.

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