Smart Buying Protocols For CNC Mist Collectors

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CNC machines have a lot of benefits, but they can produce oil mist. Prolonged exposure to this substance isn't good for one's health, which is why investing in a mist collector is a smart move for your machine shop. If you use these tips, you can find one that performs well for a long time.

Choose a Mounting System

A big part of how a CNC mist collector will work around a machine shop is how it's set up. You have a lot of options to choose from, including floor stand, wall mount, machine side-mount, and machine top stands. 

Look at your machine shop environment and consider a mounting system that makes the most sense. Maybe it's a wall-mount because it will be out of the way or maybe a machine side-mounted option would be better because it's near the CNC machine creating all of the oil mist. 

Look for Automatic Air Regulation

Air regulation is an important aspect of how a CNC mist collector performs on a consistent basis when treating oil mist around a machine shop. It needs to be optimal and you'll have no trouble getting this out of said machinery by going with an automatic air regulation design.

The moment you start running this mist collector, it will utilize advanced sensing equipment that keeps airflow at the proper range. That will ensure oil mist is filtered correctly and also keep this collector running in an efficient way, for fewer energy costs that you have to deal with. 

Make Sure Motor is Code-Compliant 

The component that powers a CNC mist collector is the motor. You want to make sure this part is code-compliant because that will give you a better-performing system that remains energy-efficient. 

Code compliance also matters from a safety standpoint. Mist collector motors with this design won't go beyond their temperature restrictions, which helps reduce things like fire hazards and burns when maintaining this machinery over the years. Lastly, you won't have to deal with a bunch of breakdowns because these motors were made up to quality standards. 

If you're equipping a CNC mist collector around your machine shop so as to effectively deal with oil mist, make sure you assess as many models as you can. That's going to give you a clear picture of what systems work and what features they need to come with. Then oil mist removal will be something you can succeed with long-term. 

For more information on a CNC mist collector, contact a company near you.