4 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Packaging For Your Food Product

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When you're getting started in the food industry, there are many things to consider. Remember that the packaging you choose is a vital part of your product. Great packaging builds brand recognition. Here are four reasons you should choose aluminum packaging.

1. Safe 

When you're selling a product intended for consumption, you want to make sure it's safe. Plastic is a popular way to package food, but according to National Public Radio, most plastic packaging leeches chemicals into food. These chemicals may harm people by mimicking human hormones. Cans made from aluminum sheets are a safer alternative to plastic packaging.

2. Environmentally friendly

If you're environmentally-conscious, selling your product in aluminum packaging is a good way to help protect the earth. Aluminum can be recycled again and again. In fact, recycling aluminum uses only 10% of the energy consumed in creating new aluminum products, writes the Aluminum Association. This can be a great selling point if you cater to health-conscious, mindful individuals. Aluminum packaging is a great choice for health foods and natural drinks such as kombucha.

3. Attractive colors

Aluminum is a sensible packaging choice, but it can also be very beautiful. Aluminum sheets can be produced in a rainbow of gorgeous colors through a process called anodizing. You can choose a color that represents your business best. After all, the package is your chance to make a first impression on potential customers. Aluminum can also be made to look matte or glossy, depending on your preferences. If your target demographic is men, you might want to opt for a rugged look using matte black or gunmetal aluminum. A feminine product might look best in a colorful, fun, shiny aluminum package.

4. Durable

Aluminum is very durable, making it a great choice for packaging energy drinks. Glass is attractive and food safe, but it's very delicate and breakable. Busy people can throw an aluminum can into their backpack and rest secure in the knowledge that their beverage won't spill. Aluminum can also be manufactured into bottles, if you intend for your product to be resealable. Aluminum bottles are an eye-catching option, since they are relatively rare; your product will definitely stand out among the plastic bottles of your competitors.

Make sure to put a lot of thought into your product's packaging. People judge books by their covers, and they'll judge your drink by its bottle too. Aluminum can make your product stand out as an attractive, versatile, and durable choice.