What To Look For When Buying Refurbished Dry Cleaning Equipment For Your Laundromat

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As the owner of a laundromat, your dry cleaning equipment could be deemed as one of the most important components you have. It could also be deemed as the most expensive, which means if your equipment fails, you may be left taking a financial hit to your business. Thankfully, there are other options than buying brand new dry cleaning equipment. You can actually get a lot of what you need in refurbished form, which basically means the most important parts have been removed and replaced with new and functional components. Here's what you should be looking for as a laundromat business owner when you buy refurbished dry cleaning equipment:

Find out if original parts were used in the refurbishing process. 

When you buy a piece of dry cleaning equipment, whether it is the full dry cleaning machine or other pieces, such as a steamer, you will want to know what kind of parts were used in the refurbishing process. In some cases, industrial service technicians will use used parts for a rebuild or even find parts from other equipment manufacturers to fit the refurbished piece they are working on. While this can give you a refurbished unit, it is usually better if a piece of equipment has been refurbished with original parts from the manufacturer of the machine. 

Look for refurbished pieces that come with some form of warranty. 

Most of the best industrial equipment suppliers will provide some form of limited warranty when they refurbish a piece of dry cleaning equipment. Because many of the parts will be brand new, they can comfortably let you know that they fully expect the equipment to work just fine for several months or even several years in a lot of cases. This can be a huge form of insurance when you are spending so much on a piece of equipment that still has some used parts and components. 

Check the price of the new dry cleaning piece compared to the refurbished unit. 

Even though most of the time you will be able to save quite a bit of money on a refurbished dry cleaning unit or other pieces of equipment, it is always best to do some comparison shopping before you lay down your money. In some situations, buying new will turn out to be the better option, especially if you cannot save a lot of cash by buying a refurbished model. 

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