Four Tips For Those Needing An Air Compressor For The First Time

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If you find that you are in need of an air compressor, you should take the time to become as informed as possible prior to buying or operating one of these devices. While using one of these devices for the first time can be somewhat intimidating, there are some guidelines that will help you with getting the most out of your new air compressor:

Opt For An Air Compressor That Is At Least Slightly Stronger Than Your Minimum Needs

During the buying process, you may have closely calculated the compressed air needs of the tools and other devices that you will be using. However, you should always buy an air compressor that is a little stronger than your base needs. Over the time you own the air compressor, its performance may gradually start to decline as a result of wear, but this will have less of an impact on you if you chose a unit that provides more compressed air than you need.

Have A Plan For Addressing The Condensation Produced By The Unit

The first time that you use an air compressor, you may be surprised by the amount of water that it produces. This occurs because condensation will form as the air is compressed and unable to hold as much moisture. To avoid causing water damage, you will need to ensure the compressor is placed near a drain or you should install a condensation collector.

Inspect The Belts And Oil Levels Before Each Use

Before each time that you use the air compressor, you should perform a quick inspection of the belts and the oil levels. The belts will experience tremendous friction and tension as the compressor is running. This can eventually make the belts more likely to snap. If you notice that the belts appear to be frayed or warped, you should replace them prior to activating the compressor. Furthermore, you should quickly test the oil to ensure it has enough to prevent friction from destroying the mechanical parts of the compressor.

Avoid Wearing Loose Fitting Clothes While Using The Air Compressor

The type of clothing that you wear while using the air compressor may not seem like it will be important. However, these devices can have many rapidly moving parts, and if your clothing gets caught in the compressor, it could seriously damage the device. By avoid loose or otherwise baggy clothing, you can greatly reduce the risk that you experience this potentially damaging problem when using your air compressor.

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