Tips for Expanding A Trucking Business

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Have you had some success with your trucking business as an owner-operator but want to take it to the next level? If you have been making all of the deliveries on your own, it might be time to hire employees and expand your business services. The main thing that you will need to accomplish your goal is capital to put towards some of the things that will be needed. If you don't want to use the money from your savings account, you might actually be able to obtain a capital loan. The suggestions in this article will help as you begin taking your trucking business to the next level.

1. Purchase a Fleet of Semi-Trailer Trucks

Being that you will be hiring drivers to make deliveries, you will need to invest in a fleet of trucks. Buying multiple trucks might seem like a big business expense, but it is worth it because you will likely start making more money to make up for it. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to buy semi-trailer trucks that are new. Visit a used truck dealership and you might be able to find vehicles that are in a good enough condition for your business needs. Check the vehicle history report of each truck for a general idea of the types of repairs they have undergone and other important information.

2. Use a Staffing Agency to Hire a Few Truck Drivers

After your fleet of trucks have been purchased, hire a few professional drivers. It is important for you to only hire drivers that have been certified to drive semi-trailer trucks. The reason why is because if any of them cause a bad collision while in the process of making deliveries, you can be held liable as the employer. If you don't have a lot of time available for performing thorough background checks and screening application, contact an employment staffing agency. Professional drivers will then be sent to your business and you can put them straight to work, or can conduct a brief interview to make sure they are a good fit for your business.

3. Sign a Contract with a Diesel Fuel Delivery Company

A large amount of driving will be done in your fleet of trucks, which means that they will constantly need fuel. When the trucks are parked at your business establishment, you can ensure that the tanks are kept full. Sign a contract with a diesel fuel delivery company like Fuelman Inc so your drivers won't have to fill the tanks at the beginning of each day. The delivery company can not only bring the fuel to your business, but they can also place it inside of the truck tanks. Keep in mind that you can also get fuel delivered as it is needed rather than signing a contract.